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Leeds One Day Without Us: A Zine in a Day Street Workshop. We joined the national day of strike action on 20th February 2017, standing with migrants in Leeds for a day of celebration. We held a street-side zine workshop on the day.MN CU3


Interactive Zine:


The whole group getting involved to plan the order of our zine

Zine in a Day Workshop. On 9th July 2016 we held a one-day open workshop to plan, design, create and print a Zine. Our themes for the zine were informed by the growing conversations of the collective: Home, Community and Life. We co-created a 30 page zine in just one day!Interactive Zine:


Leaving our impressions on British Art Show 8, Leeds City Art Gallery

British Art Show 8 Social. In November 2015 we visited the British Art Show 8 exhibition at Leeds City Art Gallery. Exploring the galleries with various portable and wearable recording devices, we set out to make a film which captured our digital imprint of the event. The final short film was co-edited online using social media platforms to hold conversations and make edit decisions.



Maisaa’s Abbey Dash. On 15th November 2015 Maisaa Tanjour ran the 10K Leeds Abbey Dash as part of a small team, raising £3,000 for the Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal. We were there to cheer her on and gather footage of the event. The finished film was fully co-created by our collective over a series of conversation and co-editing workshops.



Out of the UK. In June 2015 we began production for our first co-created short film. The film was based on the experiences of Nathlie Yang, an migrant worker and former international student from Taiwan. For our first workshop we planned and filmed an interview with Nathalie. Later we ran further workshops to teach and learn co-editing skills. During the post-production stages we continued our conversations with Nathalie online, so that she was still able to collaborate and make edit decisions.



Leeds International Women’s Filmmaking Collective Does A Very Special Conversation Club. We held a filmmaking and storytelling workshop for international students and staff at the Language Zone, University of Leeds on 28th May 2015.

Flyer: Conversation Club Mailout


Screening “I want to try your veil” Aala’s conversation club film was screened at Mix Digital  Writing Digital Conference @ Bath spa University July 2015

Leeds International Women's Filmmaking Collective Launch March 2015

Collective Launch Event, International Women’s Day 8th March 2015.

Flyer: Launch event information


This film was screened to a public audience at a Horsforth Library Research Talk in Leeds on 13th April 2015.